We have identified restaurants, taverns and pubs in selected markets where anyone with a valid active United States military ID during the promotional period will be able to receive one of our craft beer creations for FREE.



Each Keep It Tropical Brewing™ Signature Excursion is tailored to accommodate one to four Foursomes and includes golf fees, dining reservations and guest list services.



He is a wise man who invented beer. – Plato


How We Came To Be

Our focus at Keep It Tropical Brewing™ is very simple, in a word, camaraderie.

We simply strive each day to maintain the same lightheartedness which was the catalyst for embarking on this pastime turned hobby turned endeavor years ago.

A tradition of quality is another common denominator we aim to maintain everyday; this includes ensuring consistency from batch to batch and utilizing only premium all-natural ingredients in all of our craft beer creations as has been the case from the outset of our brewing beginnings in 2013.

Thus far in our journey we have developed 5 proprietary recipes which comprise our core beer-styles:

  • – Citrus Wheat
  • – Certified-Organic Kolsch
  • – American Lager
  • – Present-Use Cream Ale
  • – Euro Lager (Gluten-Free)

We also from time to time will introduce limited edition barrel-aged and seasonal as well as experimental varieties in select markets depending on various factors, such as friend’s birthday or other festive occasion.